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Innovation Education

Online Course targeted at women between ages 25 - 50 years to help them discover their innovative potentials. This course will empower women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to actively participate in the innovation ecosystem and contribute their unique perspectives, to drive positive change in their communities and industries. Innovation training for women will further unlock opportunities for women, foster gender equality and help them overcome barriers and biases inorder to create positive social impact in our societies.

Online Course for Businesses in Pidgin English

INNOVATION TORI This course go explain for pidgin English make every business person understand why innovation dey important. As customers dey always look for new and better things and technology sef dey advance every day, the course go tell business people why dey must innovate and bring out new ideas, products and services to remain for market, make profit and keep their customers.

Empowering Africa's Rise and Global Impact through Innovation